Bedroom Interior

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2. Monstera

When you hear this name, you might think of a plant, and you are right! However, it does not necessarily revolve around this type of plant, but rather an exquisite style. You see this style increasingly more in interior design stores, and it is also great in the nursery! Dress up the entire nursery with beautiful soft natural colors, such as white and beige. This way, you create a calm foundation. Also, use a lot of wood. Together, this creates a cozy atmosphere. Next, you use several prominent accessories in this plant theme. Think of real plants (some plants release a lot of oxygen and are even very healthy in a bedroom), but also pillows, posters, and blankets. This room is cool, attractive, and fits many different interiors!

A themed room can be a lot of fun. We have found a very nice theme! Take a look on the next page!

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