Bedroom Interior

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5. Unicorn

It used to be mainly princess rooms, but the unicorn is now a genuine trend! The unicorn is extremely popular among young girls and has therefore evolved into a nursery trend. Unicorns are cute and it is easy to mix and match with it in a nursery. They are often white or pink with different color accents. This allows you to take white or light pink as a base and expand it to the unicorn theme. There is an awful lot to work with! Of course, you have stuffed animals, but there are also plenty of other items out there. There are nice posters, bed linen, pajamas, and even rocking horses! This way, you can extend the theme throughout the room.

You should be able to blissfully dream away in a bedroom, and that will not be an issue with the following dreamy theme! Are you curious to see what it is? Take a look on the next page…

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