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Take a look at the most beautiful current Christmas trends

2020’s Christmas trends certainly match this turbulent year as they are clearly divided! There are many different types of very hip trends this year, so everyone can let themselves be inspired for a new style in their Christmas tree. You can also update your old Christmas decorations with a few new statement pieces. This will save you a lot of time and money, and it will give you a Christmas look in line with current trends!

Jungle Island

This style will not suit everyone’s taste, but if you dare, it will be stunning. Take a beautiful island as inspiration: pretty green forests, volcanoes, black sand, and fresh fruit. Your interpretation can be as broad as you want, but the basis is green! Many people do not like this because the Christmas tree is green too, but the right details will make your Christmas tree beautiful! Continue this throughout your home with bowls of moss and Christmas decorations, pretty colorful bouquets, and black earthenware crockery during Christmas dinner.

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