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Take a look at the most beautiful current Christmas trends


Classic Christmas decorations are always great, but this trend takes it a step further. Vintage! We are reviving the trends from the 50s to the 70s. The glitter immediately stands out! The Christmas ornaments of this period are usually red or very light-colored but overloaded with glitter. Search for authentic vintage decorations, but be sure to take a look in the stores. This trend is so big that you can actually buy a lot of new decorations. Consider the classic Santa Claus, reindeers, cars, and poinsettias that you can hang in your Christmas tree. Decorate the rest of your home with plastic Christmas figurines with lights in them and attach vintage Christmas cards on a string with pegs. Combine, and do not be afraid that it will be too much. This trend allows for over-the-top embellishment and is fantastic for decorating your whole house, even outside!

Lucky for us, there are countless trends! Anyone can decorate their home in a personalized and attractive way during the holidays. Which was your favorite? Please let us know!