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Only 28 m2 but the inside of this house is incredible

When you do not qualify for a large mortgage, a Tiny House can be a good investment. You can probably buy this property with a small loan or without one at all. You will also save a lot of money every month. Just think about what you can save in terms of energy costs. These houses are very well insulated, and because it is small, it doesn’t require a lot of energy to keep it nice and warm inside. This will save you hundreds of euros per year!

The large glass doors and many windows give this house a very modern twist. Once inside, you find yourself standing in a spacious and bright living room with very high ceilings. This makes everything look very spacious and not tiny at all. The interior radiates the same amount of warmth as what the exterior exudes modernness. The use of lots of wood and warm colors make it very pleasant and cozy inside.

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