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Only 28 m2 but the inside of this house is incredible

Additional storage spaces have been created throughout the house in innovative ways. No space is left unused so that the space is perfectly utilized. As a result, you will notice that life on less square meters does not have to be uncomfortable at all. You may be able to store less stuff in a small house than in a regular house, but ‘unwinding’ gives a lot of peace and quiet. Disposing of things is not about losing comfort, because there is plenty of room for everything you need. But we secretly save and store an awful lot of things that don’t make us happy at all. By limiting your possessions to what is necessary, you feel free, save money and a lot of time. You also appreciate the things you have more.

This house is beautiful! Take a look at the last set of pictures of the interior of this fantastic house and let yourself be amazed …

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