Home & Garden

Only 28 m2 but the inside of this house is incredible

At the end of the house you will find the bathroom with floating sink, toilet and very spacious and luxurious walk-in shower. Both at the front and back of the house is a porch built. In the front is a cozy sitting area created and behind is a hot tub. This makes this house completely complete. This tiny house shows perfectly that this life is not about sacrificing luxury and comfort. On the contrary, it has many advantages! You don’t have to pay off an expensive mortgage, it saves you monthly on energy and insurance costs and you invest in your own home. Besides that, living and working in his house is just a lot of fun! It gives you a constant feeling of vacation, so you can go through life in a relaxed way.

Could you do it? Live on just a few square meters? Share this house with your friends and find out if it is something for you. This house has convinced us!