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The bathroom trends of 2020 – discover our top 9

Are you exploring options for a new bathroom? In the past, bathrooms were mainly white and practical, but nowadays, there so many trends that you can design the bathroom completely according to your taste. Since there are a lot of options, you can easily lose track. To help you get started, we have listed 8 bathroom trends! Get inspired!


Terrazzo is not a modern material and is therefore quickly labeled as old-fashioned. Such a shame! You probably recognize this material from old houses and buildings. It was often used as flooring and has colored speckles in it. It is a technique where you add grains or pieces to a mixture. The material is then polished to feel smooth but gets a different structure due to the color differences. Nowadays, even marble and glass are mixed, resulting in unique color variations. This material is used throughout the bathroom. Examples of this include floor tiles and countertops, but our favorite is when it is used as a washbasin! Do you want to catch a new trend? Go for this one!

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