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This house seems small until you’ve seen the interior

On top of all the advantages, this house is also just super cute! The interior is gorgeous. The light, spacious interior keep this house from feeling small. It has high ceilings and plenty of large windows, so the surroundings feel like part of the house. It feels spacious, because there is also plenty of natural light. The house is modern with high-end finishing touches, but still feels very warm and cozy. All of the wood gives the interior a unique look.

The living room is spacious and has a gorgeous cypress-wood floor. A kind of extension has been created so that the couch can be moved further back. That means you gain a lot of space in the living room and can walk easily past the couch,  and still have enough space left for a coffee table. A closet has been created under the TV, so you can easily store your stereo and other home theater equipment. The cabinet can also be decorated with your own decor to give the home a personal touch.

Curious about what the bedroom looks like in this tiny house? Take a peek inside the bedroom on the next page…

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