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This house seems small until you’ve seen the interior

In a tiny house, you often see many innovative solutions to make the most of the limited space. This house also has some clever adaptations, like the extension for the couch on the side of the house, but there is also an extra extension at the top of the house to create the bedroom. Storage spaces have been hidden everywhere so you have a place for all your stuff and it won’t turn the house into a mess. Next to the washing machine, for example, there was a space left between the wall and the machine. They installed a closet that’s perfect for storing towels or detergents. By also toying around with things like a sofa bed or a folding table, you can make optimal use of the space.

The bathroom and kitchen are a very important part of a home for many people. They have to be comfortable and luxurious. Prepare to be surprised on the next page…

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