16 original gift ideas for true interior enthusiasts

2. Cookbook stand
This might sound familiar: you have a wonderful cookbook, but while you are cooking, it is constantly in your way! As a result, you do not have the necessary workspace, and you are always moving your book around. You also run the risk that your cookbooks will get dirty very quickly. A real shame! Besides it being a very practical gift, which quickly solves these problems, it also looks great in your kitchen. Always display your favorite cookbook on it, and your kitchen will have instantly gained a beautiful decor item!

3. Coasters
This is an item that almost every household has at home, but which is so much more versatile! Of course, it is a practical item, but that does not mean that it should not also be an eye-catcher. Surprise everyone with stunningly beautiful coasters on your coffee table or dining table. This will immediately decorate the table. For example, look for coasters that hang nicely from a stand or come in a nice box. This way, you can always leave them on the table.

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