16 original gift ideas for true interior enthusiasts

4. Storage jar with a personal message
This is an ideal gift if you are looking for a balance between personal and useful. Find a nice storage jar that would appeal to the person who will receive the gift. Write down memories or quotes that remind you of this person or write down things you still want to do together. This way, someone can occasionally grab and read a note. This gift will last longer than just the moment of giving. Did you run out of notes to read? No problem, the jar can always be repurposed and looks great in your interior!

5. Picture frame with a photo
A beautiful eye-catching picture frame is a very nice gift by itself, but you will make it really special by adding a personal photo. This way, you combine a nice item with a photo that brings back memories. This is a gift that most people appreciate very much. It shows that you have put thought into it and spent time on it.

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