16 original gift ideas for true interior enthusiasts

6. Coat rack
It may sound a bit odd, giving someone a coat rack as a gift, but it is not! It is a fantastic gift that the recipient will probably be very happy with. A remarkable statement coat rack can boost the entire hallway! Yet, most households have a boring and purely functional coat rack. Such a shame! Especially since this is an item that people do not invest in, it is a perfect gift. Go for a striking, funny, or beautiful model. This is how you combine something functional with design… the perfect combination for an interior enthusiast!

7. Doorknobs
Just like a coat rack, a beautiful doorknob is a great gift! When someone moves, there is often no budget for a completely new interior. But did you know that you can pimp any old cupboard with this accessory? Of course, you could give your furniture a different color, but this is often a lot of work, and not everyone is that handy. By replacing the doorknobs with extraordinary variants, the entire piece of furniture gets a completely different look! We are sure that you can make someone very happy with this! An original gift with which you can really surprise someone.

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