16 original gift ideas for true interior enthusiasts

12. Serving platter
When someone enjoys having a drink, a serving platter is a fun and original gift! You then do not have to serve your snacks in separate containers, but you can display everything nicely on the platter. This makes it look very cozy during parties, but also afterward. There are stunning platters that, when not in use, look great as decoration in your kitchen. Place it on your counter against the wall or on a shelf.

13. Beautiful wine glasses/cocktail glasses
If someone likes to enjoy a drink at home, this is a nice gift. Chances are they already have a basic version of this, so look for a special item. Drinking your favorite wine becomes a completely different experience when you do so from a beautiful wine glass. A nice glass makes your drink taste even better. Of course, there are also beautiful cocktail glasses. This way, you can easily personalize this gift.

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