Inspiration: the 8 most beautiful floors

A new floor can be a difficult choice because what do you choose? A floor significantly influences the atmosphere and look of your home. There are so many different types and styles that it can sometimes become confusing. Every floor has its own look and, of course, practical advantages and disadvantages. To retain a bit of an overview, we’ve made a fun, handy summary of the different available options. We have also selected the most beautiful examples for you. Take a further look and let yourself be inspired!

We kick off with the trusty parquet floor. After many years, this floor is still quite trendy. This is because of the immediate warm appearance it gives your home. This hardwood floor heats up along with the room’s temperature. Walking barefoot on this floor feels comforting. It is also perfectly suitable for underfloor heating. When properly maintained, it is a very durable, long-life floor. A parquet floor is easy to repair: you only have to sand it lightly and apply a new finish. A disadvantage is that it requires a lot of maintenance and it is pricey. If you are looking for a floor that will last a very long time and you do not mind maintaining it once in a while, a parquet floor is a beautiful, warm floor covering!

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