Inspiration: the 8 most beautiful floors

Carpet or floor covering quickly gives us that old-fashioned image. However, it is a super comfortable floor! It is warm and soft under your feet, and it can instantly give your space a cozy feel.  Besides solid colors, there are also very colorful patterns that will make the floor in your home stand out. Moreover, carpet is one of the cheapest options for upholstering your floor. It is soundproof, which is why it is often used on the top floor of a house. However, this type of floor has several disadvantages. You would quickly have hard-to-remove stains. If you suffer from allergies, a carpet can have adverse effects. Still, many people have carpet in their bedroom as you do not quickly get stains there. It is sound-absorbing, and it is nice and warm and soft on your feet when you get out of bed!

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