Inspiration: the 8 most beautiful floors

Nowadays, laying floors in certain patterns is a real trend. You will very often come across a wooden herringbone pattern, in particular. If you have a large space, it will look incredibly luxurious and warm. However, this pattern is not suitable for tiny spaces or spaces with many nooks and crannies. Because of the pattern, the space appears optically smaller, and you obviously want to prevent that! In this trend, the installation method is fixed, but there is endless versatility in terms of material and color. Do you want wood, PVC, or laminate, for example? These floors come in very light colors, but also in beautiful dark colors. Plenty of variety and there is a suitable floor for everyone!

The next floor is extraordinary, but you do not come across it very often. It is certainly an option if you suffer from allergies and would like a softer floor. Quickly take a look at this option on the next page…

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