Inspiration: the 8 most beautiful floors

The next option, a cork floor, is not very popular and that is a pity! It is very atmospheric and has many advantages. We gladly list them for you, along with the disadvantages. This floor is made from the cork oak’s bark, so it does not need to be chopped down. A cork floor has a tile appearance but is very soft and therefore comfortable to walk on. It insulates well, both thermally and sound-wise. You can use it in all your rooms, including the bathroom. It is water-resistant and dirt-repellent, making it a perfect floor for someone with a dust mite allergy. A disadvantage is that sunlight discolors it. So in the absence of good sun protection, the floor can discolor. We advise you to treat the floor with a top coating. As the material is quite soft, heavy objects could leave a print.

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