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Easy kitchen makeover? Inspiration for a great result

Are you up for a new look in your kitchen but not quite ready to change it entirely? A different backsplash might just be the boost your kitchen needs. There are countless options out there. The most popular ones that also meet the latest trends include the Spanish tile, Portuguese tile, subway tile, concrete tile, and natural stone tile. And that is certainly not the extent of it!

Portuguese tile
This tile is a great way to give the whole kitchen a huge makeover! It is bold but, above all, colorful and unique. You do not come across this style often, and that is quite a shame! One downside of these tiles is that they are usually handmade, which puts them a bit on the pricier end. They are made of cement, making them heavy and robust. So, it is safe to call them durable. If you are a bit daring when it comes to your interior, this would make a fantastic tile!

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