With these 5 tips, you will find the perfect lighting

Mood lighting
This is an important part of your home. With just ambient lighting, there is a cool and distant atmosphere in the house. Think of mood lighting as an addition to this base. These are not lamps that are absolutely necessary, but you switch them on in addition to your ambient lighting in the evening when you want to create a more intimate atmosphere. Floor lamps and table lamps are perfect examples of mood lighting. This light is diffused and does not brightly shine in your eyes. This is often because it is shielded by a lampshade and the light reaches you through the wall. Make sure that this contains a warm-colored lamp for an optimal effect. Use this to highlight the beautiful corners and create an exciting contrast!

Yet, there is still a type of lighting that is practical but very important. Are you curious about how you can apply this in your current interior? Check it out on the next page!

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