With these 5 tips, you will find the perfect lighting

Accent lighting
Unfortunately, this technique is rarely used, while it can take your interior to a completely different level! With this lighting. you illuminate a specific place or object. A good example is a spotlight that highlights your favorite piece of furniture or painting. There are many lamps for sale that have bundled different spots and you can all bend them at different angles by a movable arm. This way, you can take precise control into your own hands. Messy corner? No light! Beautiful vase with flowers? Highlight it! Always combine this lighting with good ambient lighting and mood lighting. If you do not do this, you create a tunnel effect with too sharp contrasts, causing too much tension.

The last step in this plan is a really fun and creative light form. We often use this in the month of December, but it can offer so much more! Read more about decorative lighting on the next page!

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