You should pay attention to this when setting up your home office

Inspiring workspace
Many people are inclined to set up a home office in a practical way. A desk, good chair, plenty of light and storage space, and you are set. With these minimal resources, you create a physically comfortable workspace, but you also need to remain mentally stimulated. You spend a lot of time in there, so work on the decoration. Are you working on a project? Create a mood board on the wall with inspirational images. You can also make a collage of things that are on your to-do list. This way you can remove them when they are done, which is incredibly motivating. Paint the wall in your favorite color, put up some nice pictures, and make it your own.

Turn your home office into a cozy place and stay motivated and focused while working. A home office is hugely underestimated. Who could use these tips? Please share them with your friends and family!